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Intuitive Home Birth

Bringing Birth Home

Now serving Caldwell, Idaho and surrounding areas.

Women are beyond amazing.  I continually stand in awe. She knows how to navigate pregnancy and give birth beautifully  whether it's her first time or her fifteenth.  

As a midwife, I come alongside to support her and help her discover how amazing she really is!

-Mary Harvey LM,CPM


Quality care.

Confident birthing.



Intuitive Home Birth Midwifery Care

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Full Midwifery Services.​

Prenatal Care

Labor & Birth

Well baby care
up to 6 weeks


Mary Harvey LM, CPM

Bringing Birth Home.

Raised on the family homestead, I was instilled with a love for God's creations and our bodies natural ability to heal.

As a young married wife, I saw a lack in our medical system for women in their childbearing years. 

I began reading many books about natural childbirth. I saw there was a need for natural childbirth and compassionate midwifery services, available to all who desired it.


Since 17 years old, I  attended friends and family births at their homes and in the hospital.  I had all four of our children with midwives in birth centers, going through labor and birth unmedicated and mostly intervention-free. Birthing this way was unpopular at the time and had to be fought for.  Midwives were not readily available for home births in my area.

After my children were grown, I started formal midwifery training in April, 2016 and moved to Idaho to become a midwifery student. I trained under veteran midwife Valerie Hall of Generations Home Birth. I completed my academic and clinical training in April 2019. I became an Idaho licensed and nationally certified midwife in May 2019.

I continue to attend births and stay current in required Neonatal Resuscitation and Adult CPR along with continuing education in midwifery. 



We love Mary! Mary knows her stuff and gave us lots of information, but once we made a decision she supported our choice. She was quick to respond to text messages and phone calls all throughout care, even in the middle of the night during the postpartum weeks. When we decided to go with the Hypnobabies method of birthing, Mary not only read the articles we gave her, but looked into it further. She liked it a lot and started Hypno-doula training, which was a huge help to us during the birth, as Hypnobabies is a unique method. Mary is professional and also never did we feel that she rushed visits or otherwise in any way implied that her business came before us. She went above and beyond in communicating warmth and providing answers. She provided excellent midwifery care but also was not hesitant to recommend us to medical professionals when an issue went beyond her knowledge or beyond wise safety boundaries. We highly recommend her and want her at all our births! N&J, Idaho Falls, Idaho

— Brittany-Saint Anthony ID

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