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Doula Services


I also offer doula care if you cannot have a home birth and would like me to accompany you at a hospital birth. I am a midwife so I will do my best to get to your birth in a timely manner soon after labor begins. If I cannot attend your birth, I will find a backup doula or reimburse you for a birth fee. I like to see you once or twice during your pregnancy to discuss your needs and expectations for this birth. As a doula, I cannot perform any medical care or give medical advice. I have received some training and am hypno-type birthing aware and have experience with these methods.

 I offer labor support, birth support, and postpartum/breastfeeding support one to two hours following the birth. 

Postpartum Visits

I like to have at least 1 postpartum visit to assist with breastfeeding needs and to debrief on how you felt the birth went.

Cost of Doula Services

I charge a fee that is comparable to the national average for doula care. Please call me to discuss fees and set up free consultation!

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